Ultra-Violet your favourite colour?

Treat yourself for a summer of fun on this last Juliana Joplin C, SAM Small in the vibrant Ultra-Violet colour.

Special Price $6990 (one only)

2018 model price is $8099


Part endurance racer, part rowdy trail bike—the Joplin is ridiculously fun. 

Conventional wisdom always held that a big-wheel bike like this was good for one thing—covering lots of ground quickly. We’ve never had much use for conventional wisdom. Yes, the Joplin is a fine cross-country/endurance machine. With its aluminum frame, efficient VPP™ rear suspension and 29-inch wheels this bike can be an absolute race weapon—but the Joplin is more than that.

The Joplin has always been, to reduce this thing to a single word, fun. As in the uncontrollable-giggling-spontaneous-high-fiving kind of fun. We cranked the knob on that particular trait to 11 on the Joplin2 with a ground-up redesign that increases the bike’s composure on descents, adds a bit more small-bump suppleness to the mix and improves its handling in tight turns.

Is the Joplin a cross-country racer? Sure. A trail bike? Absolutely. Is it fun? Oh, hell yes.

Check out the 2018 model here

Contact Scotty Browns if you want to snap up this last Ultra-Violet Juliana Joplin C, SAM build in small. ONE ONLY.

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