Santa Cruz Blur is back, along with the Highball3


Ride faster, ride further, and ride harder on the all new Blur. The Blur is a XC race bike whose roots are firmly held in Santa Cruz design and construction philosophy.  Light enough to scorch hot laps and tough enough to endure a long-distance beating. The one-piece twin upright rear end coupled with a one-piece carbon front end it delivers lateral stiffness and tracking ability you just don’t see on featherweight bikes of this genre.

  • 29 wheel size

  • 100mm VPP suspension

  • Remote dual lock out option

  • 69 degree head angle

  • 2060 gram* frame weight

  • Carbon C & CC options

  • Lifetime frame and pivot bearing warranty as all Santa Cruz bikes carry

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In stock in NZ now. Find a dealer near you.


The composite development team behind our MacAskill-proof carbon Reserve wheels were the same folks responsible for the Highball’s superior ride feel. Meticulous application of carbon in only the most needed areas allowed the design team to fine tune a really light frame that retains bags of torsional stiffness for the high-torque pedalers and strength for those braving the sketchy lines.  This is what compliance without compromise looks like.

In stock in NZ now. Find a dealer near you.