No Shoulda, Woulda, or Coulda. The Maverick just does.

You’re not here to be whatever somebody else thinks you should be... and neither is the Maverick.

0010_my20_garage_maverick_0 (1).jpg

You’re here to get down. You’re here to go fast. Not fast for a girl. Just damn fast. So is the Maverick. Did someone say smile more? No problem. Tell ‘em to look closer as you set your quads on fire churning up the last brutal climb that makes the downhill taste that much sweeter. When you live for that magical space between pleasure and pain, the Maverick is the bike that won’t say no when you say yes.

  • 140mm VPP rear wheel travel

  • 150mm fork travel - 29" wheels (27Plus compatible)

  • Adjustable geometry via flip chip

  • Available C and CC Carbon

  • Size S, M and L

  • Every size fits a water bottle

  • Lifetime warranty

The NZ Mountain Biker got the first ride on the Maverick and stated simply ‘enjoyed it, would own’ for the full low down . Check too what Pinkbike had to say

Spoke Magazine put the Hightower brother through its paces and Pinkbike too

For all the specs and geo info hit the Juliana Bicycles website.

First drop arrives in NZ September, talk to your local dealer to put your name on one of those first bikes.