Introducing Meagan Robertson - Juliana NZ Ambassador

We're stoked to welcome Meagan Robertson to the team as a Juliana NZ Ambassador.

A latecomer to the sport, Wellington-based Canadian Meagan Robertson only found true love (of mountain biking) in 2010 when she moved to a favourite Kiwis MTBer destination, Squamish BC.

Her flatmate introduced her to sport, she introduced him to his wife – she reckons they’re even.

Since transplanting to Wellington in 2011, Meagan has thrown herself into the local scene wholeheartedly.

She attended her first Revolve Cycling ride months after arriving, and has been invested in the women’s cycling club ever since – first as a ride leader, then as a committee member and, more recently, as president. Keen to use her skills – as a communications/PR specialist – to contribute to the trails she enjoys, she joined Trail Fund NZ in 2013 as their communications manager. 

There’s nothing Meagan enjoys more than seeing women getting involved in, and realising the awesomeness of, mountain biking. This motivated her to help coach the next generation of women MTBers through the Wellington Off-Road Department (WORD), where she guides the 10-12 year old shredders of tomorrow! 

In her “spare” time, she also writes articles and reviews for NZMTBR, Licence to Chill and other MTB publications.