I've been riding mountain bikes pretty obsessively for the past five years. It has been filled with trials, triumphs, ah-ha moments, and various missteps. I spend a lot of time tinkering on bikes and hitting up industry friends with questions, and through all that I’ve gained a pretty good understanding of what I can do to dial in my bike. I mostly want to set it and forget it, but as I learn more about suspension, I go through periods of experimenting.

When you understand how your suspension works, in the science-y sense, and then you actually feel that on the bike, it's pretty cool. Like a lot of us, I am often hard on myself about my riding skills. I keep telling myself to push harder and work on this or that. But sometimes I get to thinking no, it isn’t me, it’s the bike! And once in a while, I'm right, and I am able to make adjustments to my suspension that help solve the issues I am experiencing (cue the ah-ha moment)! 

Juliana bikes are about performance. We really want you to enjoy your ride and get the most out of the equipment. We hope our suspension set-up starter guide helps provide a base of knowledge for you to build upon. It’s a process. It’s going to take some time. The more you play with your settings, the more you will learn and the more you will enjoy the ride. Don’t settle, find out how to set your bike up at where we take you through the following steps...

Step 1: Recommended Settings

Step 2: Air Pressure

Step 3: Check Sag

Step 4: Rebound (red knob)

Step 5: Compression